In silence we traipsed in silence through the sand in the dark, her she was just a shadow and the noise of boots in sand beside me. We’d lost the group, who’d been hurriedly shaperoned chaperoned along the beach ahead of us… a grouping of upright silhouettes became

… I soon found myself amidst a grouping of upright silhouettes, silent except for their subt – we grouped stood grouped land as if in some standing together in some positioned grouped like the remnants of trees a petrified forest after centuries at last emerging uncovered revealed. We looked out to sea towards the sound of waves, watched the white the soft the white line of watery foam foamy line crawl up out of the dark to stroke caress the dry beach and recede, reach as far up the beach as it dare, and recede. I dared to Self consciously, I crouched uncomfortably, deigned to sit and at last succumbed to lying down, my hair bedding into the sand dry shifting grains as I turned my gaze to the twinkling infinite chaos of the stars above me and. I watched as one shot a line through the twinkling crowd.

… as if I’d predicted the moment exactly I sat up, and a urgent whisper called us further down the beach. In slow parade we followed and circled around a pitch black mass nestled in the sand, a small red light was turned on and this illuminating a Jurassic birth of perfectly cirlindrical eggs.

A rapid commentary accompanied the intimate moment ran throughout and this giant This giant woman contentedly flexed her reptilian paddles against the warm sand alternately as eggs perfectly cylindrical eggs pushed shifting this way and that like my feet how I move twitch wiggle my feet in a warm bath in pleasure warm prelude to ecstasy in a warm bath.

As she finished laying, another red light - cupped by a careful hand - illuminated more of her tremendous body, so much larger and stranger than I ever could have expected. Barnacles had attached themselves to her shell, which looked smooth and shaped like a huge bicycle helmet, hunched up around a the shoulders. her That red light moved slowly to shine over her head, her huge jet black marble eyes shone sparkled beautiful beautiful enchantingly like a black mirror reflecting favourably on a witch with nothing to hide wise, honest woman an ally ally ally.

Her As her back legs started work worked to cover her eggs, rocking her shell gently up and down, I caught a glimpse of knees flexing and shifting in the sand, her skin like loose leather a loose rubber suit of hybrid material: of leather and of rubber, animal hide meet plant excretion, formed out bound together a formation, the process of creation catalysed by salt, mixed by current, awoken by nature tide.

(Diary extract: 18th May 2018, Yakoshima Island, Japan)

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