*PERFORMANCE* of DREDGED at the Windermere Jetty Museum

Please join me and The Dove Cottage Poets for a performance of our collaborative poetry! 

Performed by actors (left to right) Christopher Brown, Kate Ireland & Stephanie Bradshaw; Associate Director Alistair Debling; music by Danny Pedlar; photography and videography by Laurence Campbell 


DREDGED opens at the Windermere Jetty Museum

My site-specific solo installation opens at the Windermere Jetty Museum this Autumn/Winter. The biggest space I've taken on to date! Part of Lakeland Arts' UNTOLD Commissions in partnership with Arts & Heritage


A HUUUGGEEE thank you the Henry Moore Foundation!! aaand I got a mention in the Guardian >>

It's not every day as an artist you get an email out the blue saying you are being given some money to keep you going (and it's not a scam!). Usually there are a whole heap of stipulations about what you can and can't spend grants on; and your rent and general living costs are very very rarely taken into account. It's a sad reality that I feel intensely lucky to have been nominated for this grant and know that there are countless other creatives out there equally as deserving and struggling to get by just the same if not worse. Lets hope HMF are the first of many to recognise that if you want culture in the future, and furthermore to have diverse voices within that, you have to support it right now! 

08/12/2022 - 28/01/2023 

'Vale', solo exhibition at Forth, Nottingham 

So I went all miniature on you all... you should just go have a look, it's open until end of the month! 


Nocturnal Creatures with Whitechapel Gallery & Sculpture in the City

Defo a year of firsts for me! I worked with actor, Elizabeth Connick, to develop my first ever live art performance. Elizabeth performed my fictional diary entry, 'The Picnic', which tells of a hike gone supernaturally wrong. If you fancy listening to the audio version >>CLICK HERE<<


NOW ON Sculpture in the City: Aldgate Square Commission 2022 - 23

My first ever public sculpture has now been installed in Aldgate Square, London; where it will be lounging about as part of the 11th edition of Sculpture in the City until 2023!! 

SOLO EXHIBITION 'MANTLE' @Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

16 January 2022 — 20 February 2022

Mantle: Exhibition Preview, Thursday 13 January / 6pm-8pm. Book a free ticket HERE 

Mantle: Slow Saturday Preview, Saturday 15 January, 12noon-5:30pm. Book a free ticket HERE 

Mantle is the first major solo exhibition of work by Jocelyn McGregor. McGregor’s work involves sculpture, installation and animation. Taking inspiration from folklore, surrealism and supernatural fiction, she dismantles the ways in which female identity is associated with nature, the home and the machine. McGregor finds parallels between the treatment of the body in horror films and her everyday lived experience of the female body which is often visually dissected to be valued and judged. In McGregor’s work a monstrous and fragmented body comes back to haunt the viewer.


I GOT ITTTTT!!! Sculpture in the City: Aldgate Square Commission 2022-23 

Oh my f**king God!!! I can't believe I'm actually gonna be making a public sculpture... but I am! Gah! I guess follow me on instagram @jocelynjmcg if you want to see how the heck I'm actually going to realize this thing over the coming months! 


I'm joining One Thoresby Street 2021-22 with the New Contemporaries Studio Bursary!! 

Yep, that means I'm moving to Nottingham for the next year, and seriously couldn't be happier. As much as I've loved my bonkers cast-away style life in the rural North, I looking forward to pressing the reset button and getting out of the space I've spent a pandemic cooped up in.



Virtual tour of 'Trespassers will be detected', the British Council SWAP UK/Ukraine Residency Programme exhibition 


SWAP UK/Ukraine Exhibition: Interview for ОТВ Днепр

... it's all in Russian though, even managed to dub out my Northern accent

Residents of the Universe: Jocelyn McGregor

I'm all pink in this and I keep saying the word 'interesting'!!!! But at least you're getting a bumbled sneak peak at what I got up to while in Kharkiv. This was part of the British Council SWAP UK/Ukraine Residency Programme with the Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv Natural History Museum & Karazin University. I had such a seriously amazing time there, big BIG thank you to everyone xxx

08/2019 Currently on residency at Florence Arts Centre, Egremont...

...with Julia Parks and Hattie Moore! We're doing all sorts from glass making with Helen Ogledd Glass to braving the floods in Ellerdale. You can see the fruits of out labour in the exhibition in November!


I'm a happy recipient of a CVAN NW Artist Bursary!! 

Along with Nancy Collantine, Denise Swanson and Angela Tait... and I'm going to visit Kirkby Lonsdale based metal-worker Philip Ireland on Monday to kick things off :-D


She Hears: Nomad at Tate Modern

A Story Party

Organised by the wonderful She Performs team, I told the story of becoming my own perpetual motion machine, which you can read here. 


Shortlisted for the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award

Alongside Olivia Bax, Byzantia Harlow, Lindsey Mendick, (me, obvs), Harley Cohen, Jolantan Basova, Josephine Baker & Marie Fattouche...

... didn't get it. 


She hears - Story Party

Back with the She Performs ladies to tell a story about riotous prawns. 

It was the first time I'd done anything like that - and I get terrible stage fright, or just fright in general - but I found it pretty exhilarating, addictive almost. I might find a way of slipping my story in between the pages on here, in which case I'll link it ... watch this space. 




Up on ShePerforms.


"Bloomberg New Contemporaries review: Bright young things tackle uncertainly at South London Gallery" Evening Standard

And 'The Picnic' got a mention! "disgusting meal for a cannibal" ... nuf said. 

full article here.

image cred. to Andy Stagg

November 2018

AVA Magazine

... about mine and Jiyoung Yoo's end-of-residency exhibition, 'Mei Yahn Yu': you can read the full issue here.

I kid you not, this residency at HKBU Academy of Visual Arts  was one the best of all time! 


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 at South London Gallery 

New Contemporaries invites you to join us for the opening of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018, with work selected by Benedict Drew, Katy Moran (alumnus 2006) and Keith Piper (alumnus 1986), on show at the South London Gallery.

Tuesday 4 December 2018
7-9pm:  Exhibition preview 
9-11pm:  After Party at The Peckham Pelican, 92 Peckham Road SE15 5PY with DJs Larry Achiampong and David Blandy (alumni 1999 & 2004)

No RSVP required
All welcome

Exhibition continues until Sunday 24 February 2019
Opening times vary. Please see here
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018
South London Gallery
Main Building
65-67 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UH 


The other half of myself organises this annual, peripatetic artist residency in Cumbria, DoremiResidency

Come to the exhibition of artwork by this year's cohort! It opens MIDDAY TODAY at Art Gene. Lunch and dinner are open to all, and a film programme curated by Julia Parks will see us into the evening - see you later!  

14/07 - 09/09/2018

'The Picnic' in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 for the Liverpool Biennial 

Hosted for the first time at Liverpool School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 features 57 artists chosen by guest selectors Benedict Drew, Katy Moran (New Contemporaries alumnus 2006) and Keith Piper (New Contemporaries alumnus 1986).


'Mei Yahn Yu', a joint exhibition with Jiyoung Yoo at the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, Hong Kong

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Twelve artists and Slade Sculpture graduates respond to the domestic space of 28 Sutherland Square, London.

Exhibition Preview:
Friday 11th May 6-8.30pm

Exhibition continues
Saturday 12th May 12-6pm
Sunday 13th May 12-4.30pm

Yarli Allison, Sam Derounian, Kyung Heo, Ismene King, Sandra Lane, Hyojoo Lee, Hattie Moore, Jocelyn McGregor, Giota Papakyriakou, Anna Reading, Lotte Scott, Lanu Varvaro

16/12/2017 - 18/02/2018

'Risky Attachments' at FOOTHOLD, Polignano a Mare, Bari, Italy

Like A Little Disaster is proud to present “Risky Attachments”, a new collective project involving works by Andreas ErvikLara Joy EvansLauren GaultThomas HäménJocelyn McGregorPlasticityRustan SöderlingIttah Yoda.

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