Casserole (2018 - 21)

CURRENTLY ON SHOW as part of group exhibition, 'Around the Table', at No.20 Arts, London, until June 26th 2021

So this 'Casserole' has been stewing for a while... starting it's life as mixed media installation (aka a load of sculptures hanging around and lounging over one another) in Lewisham Arthouse in 2018; before bubbling over into my everyday life during lockdown 2020/21, growing mould and attracting critters. It's like a potion with no real purpose, just chunks of my life merging and slipping in and through one another...

Like some sort of concept album (not that I know anything about music) there's always a title piece - not necessarily the single, nor even the best song, more like the seed that they all grew from, or the anchor maybe... she's it >>> 

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