Installation shot of Home Sick in Rain Wetting Thirst, with Sheila Rennick & Luca Bosani; curated by Seamus McCormack; Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2019. Photographs by Tom Carter

It was November 2019, I'd been living back up in the Lakes for 6 months. In that time I found a little place to rent that could also be my studio, I passed my driving test, got a new part time job, went to the Kharkiv for 5 weeks as part of the British Council SWAP UK/Ukraine 2019 Residency Programme, got back, found out I was losing my job (Brexit, recession, crap).

After that news, in full anxiety mode as to my next steps, I find myself back in London, back in Lewisham Arthouse. So now for the irony: the place where I used to have my studio - where I felt homesick - was now where I was exhibiting (in 'Rain Wetting Thirst', curated by Seamus McCormack) the sculptures I'd made since being back home. Except now I felt the exact opposite: home sick.

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